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Hello. My name is Tim Kolenda and I'm the owner of Brick Oven Pizzeria. When I opened my doors in February of 2012, my goal was the establish a simple neighborhood pizza joint with the best food and service around. I think I've succeeded and I just wanted to invite you to stop by. 

There aren't many locally owned and operated pizzerias anymore. My team and I are proud to be one and we take the responsibility seriously. We go the extra mile to provide a product and friendly atmosphere that is far beyond any of our competitors. 
At our place, it's always made right. 

  • Our foundation is the dough...

we make every day from scratch in the store. It took many months of trial and error before we got it just right. All the components are carefully measured out and combined at the exact right temperature before we even get going. After we create the dough, we age it to excellence. Like a fine wine, it's not ready at the moment of creation. It has to be lovingly monitored every hour and nudged in the right direction until it's ready. 

The Next Layer Is Our Sauce
An Italian-style blend you won't find anywhere else. We never skimp on this and we never used condensed tomatoes. Ours are tenderly plucked from the plant at the precise moment of ripeness and then packed fresh. 

Next is the Grande brand cheese,
which is top of the line. It was created by experts for those who refuse to compromise on their ingredients. It has no anti-caking fillers and is made with he most exacting Old World standards combined with the efficiency of modern science. There simply isn't a better pizza cheese out there. 

To top it all off...
we add locally purchased, ripe vegetables that are hand-cut every day and use only the finest, premium quality meats. 

Finally, it's all put into our speciality brick oven.
We fire it up to 800 degrees and spin the pizza though for two minutes. What comes out is circular perfection: a geometrical expression of our love, precision and dedication. It's made right every time and each bite is a testament to the passion we bring to this art. 

Available Parking
Private Parking Lot
Dress Code
Price Range
$$ (10-30)

Food Style
  • Brunch
  • Fast Food
  • Italian
  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches
  • Vegetarian
Restaurant Services
  • Catering
  • Delivery
  • Good for groups or parties
  • Good for children
  • Takeaway
  • Walk-ins welcome
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